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I create this project in order to try out the introvert approach to build connections between people. Instead of gathering people together talking about furry topics (there are already many forums do that exactly), I create a minimal bulletin board, in the hope that it would build up decentralized but deep connections.

Due to the nature of this project, I would not share the link to the bulletin board I am experimenting, but here’s the README which comes with the online bulletin board. Enjoy.


Hey fuzzies :3
Welcome to Project BFFI, a.k.a. Bulletin board For Furry Introverts!

Before start doing anything, PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS README. This is crucial because there are some important rules to follow. I hope every one who is using this board are fully aware of those. You’ll see what I mean.

What is BFFI?

BFFI is a minimal networking platform exclusively for furry introverts. It aims to connect furry introverts through this online bulletin board.


The rules are pretty simple. I’ll explain more in depth later.

1. Publishing note

  • Each person can post at most ONE text note that introduce themself.
  • The text note should follow the format:
    • Title: The name you wish other people call you.
    • Subtitle: Any text that makes you reachable (e.g. email, Telegram)
    • Text content:
      • What is your job IRL / What are you good at
      • What project are you working on recently
      • What kind of help you might need
      • Any text that tells more in depth about you (e.g. your website link, twitter account) 
  • Follow Padlet Content Policy
  • Be concise. To the point. No lengthy note.
  • Though not limiting the visual size of the note, please be moderate.
  • Every one is encouraged to modify/delete their own note from time to time.

2. Connecting with people

  • Feel free to check back with this bulletin board any time.
  • Be patient.
  • Find the person you feel potentially deeply connected with, and introduce yourself to them.
  • The bulletin board is NOT used for hosting meetups/discussions.
  • Feel free to host one elsewhere though.

3. Spreading the bulletin board link

  • ONLY share the link to those who are also furry introverts. Share wisely.
  • DO NOT share the link to the public forums / websites / blogs / etc..

4. Reusing this project

  • You are MORE than welcome to share this BFFI idea (NOT the link) publicly.
  • You are MORE than welcome to copy/reuse this BFFI idea for your own projects without notifying me.


  • Was looking for a space to do my side projects after IRL work
  • Co-working space + Cafe, sounds good!
  • The cafe had a board. Customers could pin their note introducing themself
  • Customers can reach other person who can help them, share things in common, etc.
  • The notes on the board looked somewhat lame…
  • Really good idea; lack of awesome community
  • What about furries? What about introverts?

I myself is a furry introvert.

As an introvert, I am pretty good at reading articles and expressing my thought through writing. I love focused, in-depth conversation in an one-on-one fashion. I am totally comfortable being alone at night, making thoughts. On the other hand, if not well-prepared, I totally suck at having a casual talk with lots of people. Especially in a loud environment like bars, parties, streets, etc..

I know the way extroverts make connections with people. Extroverts tend to make many friends. They love to talk with people all the time. They even text actively in Telegram groups. But that’s just not my style.

Though I only make very few connections with people, the connections I make are deep. There must be some reason for me to make a deep connection with people. Maybe they are intelligible and open-minded, maybe we share similar interests, maybe they were just being there with me when I got depressed. I know that the deep connections take a long time to build, but I can wait. It worths.

I think the social network graph of introverts are different from extroverts. While graph of extroverts would look like a hub, introverts tends to form decentralised, small but strong cliques.

Being self-identified as a furry, I take the furry part of myself seriously. Furry identity is not just a label, it contains a long history of myself, and I simply don’t want to get rid of that. However, it is rather hard to build deep connections as a furry, especially as an introvert at the same time. Whether I think furry is a stigma or I just don’t feel like to explain again and again what a furry is, I always have to interact with people cautiously to not revealing my furry identity. This makes my actions less genuine. I don’t like it.

I hope above would somewhat explain why I decide to make strict rules. To summarise:

  • I want the note format to be simple because I don’t like too many distractions.
  • I think the bulletin board instead of forum better suit my need as an introvert.
  • I feel that by sharing the core part of myself, the connections I make would also be deep and meaningful.
  • I want to make the social network decentralised but strong, so the bulletin board only serves minimal functions.
  • I do not want to make this bulletin board public. It would potentially make the content less focused.

More things I want to say

I know I put lots of “I" “s here. It’s not being selfish, but rather trying to represent furry introverts while not being overgeneralised. You would be the judge.

Speaking of judge, feel free to share thoughts about project BFFI through Disqus. I would love to hear feedbacks! Also, to define the aforementioned “share/copy/reuse of this idea" clearly, I hereby declare that this project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

If you feel like to start writing your note, my examples are there for your reference. (I know I pin TWO notes on the board, but those are almost identical :p)

Hope you would find your own Best Friends Forever on Internet!!!!

~ Shu the grey fox

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