Reference Sheet / 角色設定

I really thank Edesk for rendering my reference sheet. It was a great commission experience, and I feel that this IS the real form of me, Shu the grey fox.

我由衷感謝 Edesk 實現了我的獸設。期間與他的溝通非常順利。我現在總是會把 Shu 的模樣映射在自己身上。真的好感謝 Edesk。



Thoughts on Fursona and Reference Sheet

I really wish to have the exact design of the fursona of mine (Shu the grey fox), like to the every inch of my fur color, like to the exact 3D shape of the Shu.

But when I realized that there would always be a gap between imagination and reality, and that no matter how perfectly the artist rendered Shu I would eventually feel little connection to the fursona, I decided that there should be no reference sheet of Shu at all.

Instead, I use words to describe Shu, and let the artists come up with their own version of Shu. (Yeah some might argue that this is still call a reference sheet, but you get my point, no direct visual reference at all)

It’s like the main character Link in “The Legend of Zelda" series. Link looks definitely different from different stories, but if Link exists, he will definitely recognizes those Links as himself. Those are his own stories after all. Those stories are what make Link feel connected to the artwork.

However, when it comes to the technical (artist) side, having a visual reference would definitely help them understand better on the design of fursona. And more over, for the sake of social interaction between furries, the visual reference is definitely helpful for others to perceive a more real version of myself.

So… maybe I would still look for some artists and ask them to render Shu on a reference sheet. Hopefully I can strike a balance between my personal approval on the accuracy and general approval on the aesthetic.

Bolded underlined text means super important.

Shu the grey fox

  • Age: irrelevant, adult age
  • Sex: male
  • Species: red fox (Vulpes vulpes), but all red is grayscaled
  • Shape: anthro fox, plantigrade
  • Size:
    • Height: about 140cm / 4’7″
    • Weight: about 35kg / 80lbs
    • Description: not chubby, not athletic, just fit, like a 12yo boy (edit: 20180825)
  • Traits:
    • Eye: round pupil, grey eyes
    • Limb: 5 fingers/toes, with pink paw pads
    • Fur: pattern just like normal wild red fox, but all grey scale.
    • Genital: pink (surprised? mouth and tongue are also pinkish)
  • Accessory:
    • a silver pendant (pic1, pic2), shape just like the website logo (an abstract grey fox made of two identical overlapping 45-45-90 triangles), 2.5cm × 2.5cm × 0.4cm, color is grey without gradient.
    • Sennheiser Momentum Headphone (edit: 20180825)
    • Wolf Bro
    • Fox Bro
  • Personality:
    • Minimalism: organized, hermit, repressed
    • Introvert: rational, low profile, pause and ponder
    • Submissive: uke, sub, bottom
  • Emotions:
    • joyful/gloomy
    • sober/lustful
    • content/nil
    • excited/exhausted










  • 年齡:不重要,已成年
  • 性別:男
  • 物種:赤狐 (Vulpes vulpes),但是所有紅色都灰階化
  • 外型:狐狸獸人,蹠行
  • 身材:
    • 身高:約 140 公分
    • 體重:約 35 公斤
    • 概述:不胖不壯剛剛好的身材,像 12 歲的男孩 (edit: 20180825)
  • 特徵:
    • 眼睛:圓瞳孔的灰色眼睛
    • 四肢:5 隻手指腳趾,有粉紅色肉墊
    • 毛色:紋路跟野生赤狐一樣,但都灰階化了
    • 性器:粉紅色(啊不然勒?嘴巴跟舌頭也是粉紅粉紅的)
  • 配飾:
  • 性格:
    • 極簡:有條理、隱士、壓抑
    • 內向:理性、低調、 靜心思考
    • 服從:總受、臣服、零號
  • 情緒:
    • 愉悅/陰鬱
    • 清醒/好色
    • 滿足/虛無
    • 興奮/疲累